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Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

How to got Money without doing anything

Just share a Link and signup in this link Click Here

How many Do they Pay

How it works?
How much is it paying for per 1,000 impressions
Has it got an Affiliate Program?
How many clicks for the same IP?
Minimum payout ammount?
Paying method
Adult / Porno sites allowed?
PayPerView ad .
Puts 5 sec ad before a link. Example Here
Tha most people only knows this URL shrinker! 
USA, England up to$4.88 per 1000 link view.
Other countries $0.40-1$-$2 -$3 per 1000 link view
Got affiliate program:
1 level deep:
Pays one view per same computer (IP) in a 24 hour period.
5 $ minimum payout
Officially no.

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